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Why Choose RFG Advisory?

Quite simply, because independence gives you the freedom to tap into your unlimited earning potential and the ability to grow your practice—your way.

Fetch Financial Hub

Independence with end-to-end operational support. For now and your future.

You have access to innovative, fully integrated FinTech solutions that are designed to amplify the 1-1 relationship with your clients and drive operational efficiency into the day-to-day of your practice. You’ll get robust marketing and practice management consulting, an in-house compliance team and access to capital for succession planning and practice growth.

What’s more? RFG is already exploring right now what our industry may look like years into the future. So, you will always be ready—always prepared—with the support you need to be successful years down the road.

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All of the tools and support—none of the limits.

The 8 RFG Partner Benefits



We are a company that pioneered technology preparedness. Four years ago we started planning for the RIA of the future—a future where advisors took control of their practice and their client relationships, a future untethered from an office, a future that allows you to work and thrive from anywhere. Our awesomely powerful integrated technology platform is what will drive operational efficiency into your day-to-day, propel the growth of your practice and forge connectedness with your clients. The future is NOW!

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Strongher Money

Marketing & Branding

Effective marketing and branding are the keys to your future growth. That’s why we are so passionate about building your digital presence, creating engaging content and developing your own unique brand. It only takes eight seconds for a client or prospect to form an opinion of you — let’s make it the best!

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Stronger Money Is a Wealthie Award Finalist

Investment Management

Act as the Portfolio Manager on your client’s assets or let us help. Our Bluemonte Investment Platform is designed to deliver your clients institutional-caliber investment management while freeing up your schedule to allow for one-on-one time with your clients and prospects.

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Advanced Financial Planning

Advanced Financial Planning

Client expectations are evolving, and at the core is an advisor’s ability to deliver an expertise-centered value proposition. This starts with comprehensive financial planning.

RFG Capital

Growth Capital & Succession Planning

Together, through RFG Capital, we can explore ‘the art of the possible’ to craft a succession plan that meets the needs of your clients, your team and you. We can also provide growth capital for your practice to buy a book of business.

Transition Support

Transition Support

When you join RFG Advisory, our seasoned transition team assists you with everything from assessing your book of business, to developing an exit strategy, to completing the necessary client paperwork. You can rest assured we’ll help you every step of the way—through planning, game day and client transition. We can also offer you financial support, whether it’s start-up capital or retiring an outstanding loan, or both!

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Our Partnerships

We enjoy relationships with all the major custodians, giving you a choice where you do business. We are a hybrid RIA, which means you can be an independent advisor or dually-registered advisor offering both advisory and brokerage services.

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity
  • BNY Mellon
  • Private Client Services

Operational Support

Our ops team has your back. We serve as the front-line problem solvers between you, your team, our custodians and tech vendors. Complex case? Need help with paperwork? Collateralized lending? Call us. There is not an operational question or task that we can’t handle. Working with all the major custodians gives you choices to pick what’s best for your clients. Having RFG on your side means real-time, accurate solutions.

Office Infrastructure

You pick the real estate, and we take care of the rest — from IT infrastructure to desktop support, we handle it all for you. We handle all IT infrastructure of your office at home or in your commercial space. Cybersecurity, cloud computing, collaborative work tools, hardware, software — we’ve got you covered.


RFG handles all Advisory asset client billing. You have the option to work with clients on a traditional asset management capacity and charge for financial planning, consulting and managing held-away assets. Solicitation agreements allow you to work with centers of influence (CPAs, estate attorneys, etc.) and compensate them for leads.


RFG delivers a robust quarterly training schedule on all facets of our FinTec Platform. Through RFG University we offer on-going education for the advisors’ administrative team making sure everyone is working at their highest level.

Business Consulting

Best-practice management and in-house marketing is at your disposal.


Compliance shouldn't be about roadblocks and the word “No.” We handle 100% of your compliance needs and approach it with an entrepreneurial mindset. What does that mean? You film a video for your clients. You receive compliance approval in ~24 hours. Then you distribute it. It’s compliance the way it should be — supporting you, your practice and RFG.

Outsourced Administrative Assistants

Hiring, training and retaining top talent is challenging. That’s why we’ve created RFG Assist. Through this program RFG handles all payroll and employee benefits, all training and back-up support. Whether you need 25% of an admin’s time or have a team of five and need 100% of their time, we can structure a solution that works for you.

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Become a Warrior Advisor is a publication by RFG Advisory. It’s written by Advisors — for Advisors and is full of actionable guidance and practical tools to help Advisors reach their full potential. There’s no cost to Advisors to download the ebook and the only commitment is to yourself — to become the best Advisor you can be.

Independence is the name of the game — and RFG is absolutely where you need to be.

Learn more now about joining RFG or a RFG partner firm by talking to Kristy Puckett, RFG’s Business Development Lead. After all, it’s just a conversation — not a commitment, right?

You can call Kristy now at 205.218.6962, email her at or send her a message below to learn how you can unleash your growth potential by becoming an independent advisor affiliated with RFG.

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